nossa companhia principal no plc, peças sobresselentes do sistema dos dcs.
Allan-Bradley (1746,1747,1756,1769,1794,2711p série ..) triconex (3008,3664,3805e.3704e, 3700a 4351b ...)
abb (07kt98 wt98,07kt97 wt97, dsqc679, imasi23, imdso14 ...) ovação (1c31194g01,1c31197g01,5x00106g01 ...)
suavemente nevada (3500 / 42m, 3500 / 22m, 3500 / 95.3500 / 15 ...) ge (ic693, ic697, ic695, is200, is215, ds200 series ...)
Honeywell (cc-pcnt01, cc-paih01, mc-tdoy22 ...)

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